Quality, Craftmanship, and the Right Equipment

Although everyone agrees that the result is what counts, we are proud of our equipment as well!

We us the best blend of traditional and digital equipment to provide you with the best result for your project. If you would like to visit and take a tour of our shop, just give us a call and we will set a time that’s best for you.

EppyEpson 9900 Pro
Eppy creates posters, banners, canvas prints and more on media rolls up to 44″ wide.
EvaKonica Minolta bizhub PRESS c1085
Eva is our color Diva at the shop. Don’t let Diva status fool you – she’s a production workhorse, printing on the heaviest of stocks with unbeatable quality. Business cards, booklets, letterhead and flyers are just a few of her specialties.
FlashKonica Minolta bizhub PRO 950
Flash is our black and white high speed production guy. He spits out prints at high speed all day, focusing on legal prints, carbonless forms, booklets and half size engineering prints.
GidgetKonica Minolta bizhub PRESS c7000
Gidget is the elder of our color machines and offers Eva additional support on busy days. Her main duties are flyers and handouts, business cards and coffee punch cards. Mmmmm… coffee….
GrUVyTec Lighting TruCoat XC14 UV Coater
GrUVy makes all your prints shine! Add a high gloss finish to your business cards, postcards, rackcards or more with a quick run through this machine.
HopperOKI ProColor Digital Envelope Press
Hopper keeps envelopes hopping through it all day. While regular and window #10 envelopes are his bread and butter, Hopper also prints announcement envelopes, catalog envelopes, remit envelopes, and a wide range of hard to print on stocks like wedding invitations.
Label Maker
Label Maker Edge 850 Label printer and custom cutter
This piece is so new he still doesn’t have a name! Edge prints on roll media in a variety of stocks – vinyl, paper, clear, poly and more. Take that printed roll and run it through the cutter, which will custom cut any shape, weed out the waste and put it back on a roll for you. It can also laminate the labels for extended use! Edge is best for custom packaging labels, bumper stickers, and any fun shapes.
KippyKonica Minolta KIP 3000 Plotter Printer Scanner Copier
Kippy Long Copies plots out all your engineering prints up to 36″ with ease. She can also scan large format prints in color or black and white, and make copies of old drawings.
The Perfessor
The PerfessorDuplo DC-645 Slitter/Cutter/Creaser
The Perfessor is one of the hardest working machines at IGP. He makes short work of cutting business cards, to withing 1mm of precision. Perfed raffle tickets? No problem! Custom creased notecards? Also no big deal.